Vertical Chicken Rotisserie

Digital Display
Digital coffee servings counter.
Digital clock and calendar enable machine stop/start programming.
Energy saving function switches the machine off according to program instructions.
Back-up memory retains program details if power supply is disrupted.
Self-diagnostic function of all electronic components (touch pads, probes, volume counters).
Digitized machine performance record.
Water consumption based warning of water filter regeneration or change requirement.
Text and messages in 9 languages.
Digital display can be programmed to include advertising messages.
Security control of the boiler water level.

1. Easy operation: with indication and working light, automatical temperature control
2. Durable: heavy-duty stainless steel material, industrial standard design & spare parts
3. Easy cleaning & maintenance: meet hygienic standards
4. Nice appearance: surface polished & all edges welded
5. Health & cost saving: less oil consumption
6. Accurate temperature control: with micro-computer temperature control, audible alarm at 10 different temperature settings, accuracy ± 3°C
7. Safety measure: heating tube with dry-fire protection; self-lock oil drain valve
8. Heating: heat up fast & evenly


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