This agreement is entered into by and between you and Cute Kitchen LTD regarding your use of www.cutekitchen.shop website. By using the website, you are entering into this Agreement with Cute Kitchen and indicating that you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. If you do not agree with these terms and conditions, please do not use the website. Cute Kitchen reserves the right to alter the terms and conditions as it pleases and without prior notice.



All information that a customer provides for the purpose of processing an order shall be treated confidentially. We shall not share Customer Information with any unauthorized persons. We may share Customer Information with our business partners who assist in the delivery or any other service that is pertinent to the processing of a Customer’s order.


Any order placed by a customer is subject to final acceptance by the seller(Cute Kitchen). Once the seller receives an order from the customer, they may send an order acknowledgment message with the details of the products in the order. An acknowledgment message does not count as an order confirmation. An order will be confirmed once Cute Kitchen receives confirmation of payment. For any rejected or unfulfilled order, the customer will receive a full refund or amount paid for the order.

The description of the products is displayed on the website at the time a customer places an order with samples, drawings, descriptive matter, specifications, and advertising for the sole purpose of giving an approximate idea of the products described.

Every effort is made by the seller to ensure that prices shown on the website are accurate. If an error is found, Cute Kitchen will inform the customer as soon as possible and offer the option of reconfirming the order at the correct price or canceling the order. Since we are an authorized dealer of the most well-known brands, the warranty period will always be indicated on the warranty card. We provide a one-year warranty on our products.
All prices are shown in KES (Kenya Shillings) and unless expressly stated otherwise, including Tax at the applicable current rates, but does not include delivery charges.



 All products are covered by warranties against manufacturing faults and defects. Cute Kitchen provides technical assistance for all products under warranty. We provide a one year warranty on all Cute Kitchen products. Other brands carry their own validity periods and you’re reminded to confirm this before making your purchase. All warranties are subject to warranty terms and conditions.


Delivery shall be made as specified by a customer. They can be delivered to the Customer’s address at a reasonable charge or the customer can pick them up from any of our retail stores.

The customer acknowledges that it may be required by the seller under certain conditions to provide proof of address and identification prior to delivery process commencing.



Payment for any purchase made by a customer is to be made using the secure method on the website provided by a third party entity. Information passed on the website is securely passed over an encrypted connection to ensure safety of customer’s information. 



External links provided to the customer on the website are beyond the control of Cute Kitchen. We therefore take no responsibility for any outcome resulting from access to it.


Under no circumstances will we sell or receive payment for licensing or disclosing your personal information


Cute Kitchen makes no warranties, representations, statements or guarantees in any form regarding the website and its use. Cute Kitchen shall not be responsible for and disclaims any liablity for any loss, liability, damage (direct or consequential), injury or expense that may occur as a result of accessing or use of the website and any information contained in it.
By accessing and using our website you waive any and all claims you may have against Cute Kitchen in respect to the above mentioned.


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